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Our Story

We are a long established family business. Currently in operation by it's 2nd generation - Enzly and Lis Ramsay. Between the two of us, there are 40+ years of on-the-job experience.

Our staff adds an additional collective experience. Ramsay's, Inc. is a company that has focused on the needs of cemeteries and have the skill sets that are necessary to do so effectively and safely. Landscaping services are what we do as our primary business, it is not an "add on" service, which puts us in a position of having the practical experience and knowledge to handle all facets of operations.

We also actively participate on the board of the RI Cemetery Association, and served as a past president. We are participating members of the New England Cemetery Association and attend the annual conventions and educational opportunities that they offer. Regularly attend continuing education seminars, maintain pesticide licensing and to stay current on the changing science of the landscape industry. Ramsay's, Inc. continues to advance it's knowledge and professionalism to serve our clientele with the best service possible.

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